SHIFT is a non partisan organisation that builds support for transformative leaders in communities across the nation.

Through targeted initiatives, we educate and raise awareness on the importance of transformative leadership in a democracy and at all levels of government, especially at the community level.

Our team consists of Nigerians from all over the nation and around the world with diverse religions, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds!

We have no affiliation with any party, union, or political organization.


Nigeria has over 2000 local, state, and national leaders responsible for serving their communities.

Every year, states spend over ₦9 Trillion! Yet, we have one of the most wasteful and ineffective legislative bodies in the world.

Elected leaders and public office holders, including the National and State Houses of Assembly members, and Local Government officials are often unqualified for such positions. The ripple effect is a display of misplaced priorities, with most focus placed on personal interests, as against well thought-out, data-driven, issue- to solutions-based conversations, and policy recommendations which drive transformation of communities for good.

At SHIFT, we are contributing to addressing these by identifying and providing support for transformative leaders.

Our focus is on communities and leaders at other lower levels of government, where  decisions impact lives directly.

We want to fix that by supporting leaders that can replace them and bring change to communities they serve.


Our Mission

To support the rise of transformative leaders who demonstrate public service, smart policy making and progressive thinking.


We have four (4) Program Divisions that help execute our vision, mission, and strategy

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