How we can build a better country together!

Our team consists of Nigerians from all over the nation and around the world with diverse religions, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds! We have no affiliation with any party, union, or political organization.

Nigeria has leadership problems at all levels of government -local, state, and federal. How do we fix it?

New Politics

New politics is a campaign to raise awareness about the urgent need to build a democratic system with new people and characters – one that works for all, not a few, is led by the brightest and most patriotic Nigerians, and one driven by results, not just words.

Games and Politics

Games and Politics is an event designed to creatively engage professional Nigerians in political discussions through a fun and interactive gathering with games, food, and conversations!

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Our online forum topics are open-ended and designed to encourage volunteers to take a position on issues.
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