Why RUN?

In our country, we need more qualified professionals to run for office. We need more people who are smart, transformative and are progressive policy makers to run for office to transform this nation Nigeria. Here are more reasons why you need to run for office:

You can effect a change in your community: No one knows your community the way you do.

You have the required skills to be a good leader: Currently, we are being ruled by people with poor leadership skills, corrupt leaders void of integrity and leaders with no political will to transform their communities and Nigeria at large. If you have good skills that could be of help to your community, you should run for office.

You can advocate for causes in your community: There are issues affecting your community and you know you can be the voice to advocate for members of your community.

You have a genuine desire to serve: If you do have a genuine desire to serve, you should run for office.

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    Running 101

    Before running for a political office in Nigeria, these are things you need to consider before running for office:

    Understand the dynamics of the political terrain in your state.

    Be involved in ward politics: Politics is local. To be more impactful, you need to get involved in grassroots politics. As the popular saying goes, think globally but

    Build social capital before running for office: It is important that you think about your campaign years ahead of time and take advantage of the critical time to build support. For your campaign to be successful, you need three core resources; support, volunteers and money. and Before you run or office, Support and vote Donors and volunteers

    Garner some skills; negotiations, communications, ability to raise funds, leadership skills: You need to be a qualified candidate. Before running for office, gather as many skills as possible. Gather experience too. Ensure you are the most qualified candidate for the office.

    You need to have a good reason to run for office: If you don’t have a clear why to run for office, different reasons

    Do your research: You need to do your research before running for office. Understand the issues in your community and how you can solve them. Understand the history of the community.

    Before you run for office, it’s great to volunteer on another political campaign of a like-minded candidate: This will enable you to get experience working on a political campaign.

    Be a member of a political party: In Nigeria, independent candidacy is not allowed. Hence, before you run for office, you need to be a member of a political party. It is important to also know the rules of the political party you intend to belong to. Political parties have varying rules that apply to them.

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