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We will support candidates who transform their communities in 6 ways


We believe Nigerians should have uninterrupted power system, 24 hours, 7 days a week and have good roads.


We believe Nigerians should be safe from terrorism, kidnapping, herdsmen attacks, and armed robbery in all parts of the country.

More Jobs

We believe the economy should work for every Nigerian, not just the rich. We should reduce unemployment.


We believe every Nigerian should have access to quality and affordable public education – from primary to university.

Health Care

We believe Nigerians should have a world class healthcare system that serves the public health needs of the country.

Good Governance

We believe in a democracy that values the rule of law and represent the interests of the public.


We’re a non-partisan organisation that builds support for transformative leaders in communities across Nigeria.

Through targeted initiatives, we educate and raise awareness on the importance of transformative leadership in a democracy and at all levels of government, especially at the community level.

Our team consists of Nigerians from all over the nation and around the world with diverse religions, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds!

We have no affiliation with any party, union, or political organization.

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Engage Grassroots

How we can build a better country together!

Support a Make Change Project

Aliade is a rural community located in Benue State with an estimated population of about 500,000-800,000 inhabitants.

Aliade Community

The Aliade community suffers from two major issues: (1) Access to clean water and (2) waste management. Women and children are forced to walk for hours to get water and when they finally find it, it is unclean and full of bacteria that can cause waterborne diseases. Also, the community lacks a proper waste management system which contributes to a variety illnesses.

Access to clean water

Our solution to their water problem is to build boreholes in various parts of the community.

Waste Management

We will create a system where a waste company will come to the community periodically to clear out the trash dumped on the streets.

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An episode of Ready with SHIFT

Do transformative leaders really exist? Is it possible to elect them into office? Is it possible to hold them accountable? Join us every Tuesday as we take you through a journey that: inspires you to SHIFT your perspective, raises awareness on key issues impacting all of us and provides tips and ideas on how we bring transformation to our communities.

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We believes we need to solve the real problem in Nigeria- leadership.
Every donation goes towards our vision to connect citizens with leaders who transform communities.

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    You’re making a difference

    We believes we need to solve the real problem in Nigeria- leadership.
    Every donation goes towards our vision to connect citizens with leaders who transform communities.

    What Nigerians want in one picture: END INSECURITY!

    The government must do better to ensure Nigeria becomes the safest place to live in the world.

    Every Nigerian deserves to be safe and protected everywhere!

    #insecurity #bandits #Nigeria #killings #bokoharam

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    Reposted from @voteredung Rule 1: YOU VOTE FOR & not against.

    Registration link in our bio. Register for your voter card & get PVC against the 2023 election.

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    Every Nigerian running a business is obligated to pay tax.

    But where do our taxes go?

    How much is going into development?
    And how much is going to the pockets of selected few?

    Leaders do not create laws that benefit a few at the expense of the masses!

    #shiftnigeria #shift #shiftleadership #tax #nigeria

    We had a very interesting live session yesterday with our amazing guest @mcamaza.

    Insecurity can only be curbed when we work together on solutions!

    Our leaders should do better!

    #shiftnigeria #shift #shiftleadership #iglive #insecurity #government

    "According to the Debt Management Office, Nigeria owed China $3.402 billion as of March 31".

    What is the government doing with all the borrowed money?!

    Is debt the way out?!

    Who debt help?

    #economy #dollars #naira #government

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    Join the conversation on the effects of insecurity @WeSHIFTNigeria and share your opinions!

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    You can join in by commenting with your questions and thoughts. 👇🏾

    See you there!

    #shiftnigeria #shift #shiftleadership #iglive #insecurity #government

    We voted our leaders to serve and protect us!

    Many are unemployed, the system is crumbling and insecurity is on the rise!

    What are your legislators doing about it?!

    #insecurity #shiftnigeria #government #nigeria

    The education sector in Nigeria is crumbling!

    Reposted from @premiumtimes Over 1,000 students have been abducted from Nigerian schools this year, Save the Children International, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has observed.

    The group said increasing cases of attacks on schools between 2020 and 2021 have led to many schools being shut, thereby putting the education system of the country at “extreme risk.”

    “From January to August, 2021, over 1000 children were abducted in Nigeria, with so many of them still in the hands of their abductors.

    PREMIUM TIMES reported many cases of attacks by gunmen on schools in Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Zamfara and Niger states, during which hundreds of students were abducted for ransom.

    Mercy Gichuhi, Country Director, Save the Children International Nigeria, said this in a statement issued on Friday to mark the world second International Day to Protect Education from Attacks.

    “When education is under attack, a generation is attacked,” Ms Gichuhi said. “Children, girls and women are more vulnerable at times of attack – putting them at a higher risk of trauma, fear, gender-based violence, physical and sexual abuse.

    “Many children in such times will have no choice but to discontinue their education and some will never return back to school – with their childhood dream fading away.”

    Ms Gichuhi said her NGO was concerned about the persistent attack on schools, students and teachers in Nigeria.

    “The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA), says between 2015-2019, there were 100 reported attacks on schools in Nigeria. These attacks have been on the increase between 2020 and 2021, which led to the closedown of many schools by the government due to fear of being attacked,” she said.

    "According to reports, about 800 secondary school and university students have been kidnapped in coordinated attacks by terrorists and bandits in the last six months alone"

    ~The Cable

    Schools have to be safe to build a better Nigeria!

    Every student deserves to be protected!

    #education #shiftnigeria #shift #shiftleadership